About Me


As a Film Director I love tell a good story and create the best film possible into a good working environment. That means everyone on set is comfortable and having a good time, stress is kept to a minimum (as much as it can be), and both cast and crew trust me and my judgement (while at the same time feeling like they can make suggestions to me and that I’ll seriously consider what they say).

I figure that if the working environment is good, people are going to put more effort into their work, and the end result will be a lot better. Of course, this starts in pre-production, making sure that the people you hire are going to be easy to work with. Talent is important, but I don’t care how talented someone is, if they’re impossible to work with, they’re not worth it.

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As an Editor my job is to take all the raw footage from the field, sort through it, find the best material, and then put it all together into a cohesive story. This is an awesome career because it’s fun, dynamic and allows me to expand my creativity doing what I love.

The great thing about being a Video Editor is that you can do so many things within the profession. Generally, I make different kinds of stories from video assets that I’ve either shot or gathered. Sometimes a producer provides a script; many times they do not. I have the flexibility to choose the music, effects, sound effects and the specific shots that I want to use and from there I work to make a polished video, whether it’s a commercial, music video, short film, movie promo, etc.