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Redención en la Oscuridad
Siete personas despiertan en un depósito. Ninguno de ellos sabe porque está ahí, ni como llegaron.
The Dark Web
How far will a father go to save his son?
Chasing the Sunrise
The Cure
A global pandemic hits close to home, and a young mother is determined to spare her family from its painful grasps.
When a violent drunk husband is ready to punish his wife's son, a mother's love will cross the impossible borders to protect her child.
A young woman, bound by the isolation, finally makes a decision that might change her life forever.
Libby has been living alone in her apartment for a while now. One day, she wakes up and realizes, that she isn't the only resident here anymore.
The Kidnapping
A wealthy family is kidnapped and held hostage for ransom by a 'ruthless young couple'. Things go out of hands soon when the kidnap is lead to series of murders.
What if the life you are living has never been yours to begin with?
The Datekeeper
A woman is looking for dates, but none of them seems to work for her, until she finally realizes the cause of the failures… she has a split personality.
The Present
One day, Sophia receives an unexpected package with a present in it.
Jennifer Linna was mostly a normal twelve year old girl, until the merciless Mary and Julie traumatically bullied her to the point of her personality splitting into two: One light. One dark...

Director & Editor

Una realidad que permanece invisible.
Blood Night
Marco wakes up from a nightmare in the middle of a rainy night. Suddenly, he realizes that his wife and son are not sleeping next to him anymore.
Abriendo la Puerta
The Curse of YouTube
A group of teenage girls is about to release a huge gossip, when the unknown digital force from an urban legend takes over...
El último golpe
Dos asesinos. Uno haciendo su trabajo.
Esperando a Tony
See you soon
La hija del jefe
Invisible Hand
An American banker, specializing in the Pakistani futures market is kidnapped by a terrorist organization and being held for ransom...


Danni returns to Cascade, Oregon and finds that the town has completely changed, and her best friend Emily is dead of an apparent suicide.
My Ira
The true story of a young mother sitting in a tree, while a rope languishes around her neck.
Once Upon a Time... I
After sudden death of his wife and son, Javier with a major memory loss struggles to remember his past life through photos and conscience, before they are permanently erased.
Our Father
When Anna Maria, a supposedly virgin bride-to-be, confesses her pregnancy to her fiancée the consequences are not as expected.
An aging radio DJ who lives for music grows increasingly restless when the head of the station takes away his freedom to choose his own setlist.
The Transcenders
Two Native Americans, struggling to make the transition from life on the Reservation to the big city, stumble upon a self-help guru, who promises to transform them into successful studs.
Purgatory Lounge
An agent of death questions the laws of his profession, when he is sent to collect the soul of an innocent woman.
Facing fear, fighting stigma, and finding strength.
Diva Dads
John and Danny have been married for 20 years. Their world is turned upside down when Joh's estranged daughter Michelle moves in with them after being kicked out of college.
10 years down the road
A story about a couple that goes through three stages in their relationship. First, we see them young, carefree and in love. Then, at the point where their life is falling apart. Finally, the reunion and, hopefully, forgiveness?
The Suspicion
A woman rescues an injured man from a back alley, but must decide whether he's the criminal he appears to be, or the vigilante he claims to be.
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Tough Skin
Deep in the murky swamps of the Everglades, an Indian tribe must attain a sacred plant before nightfall to stave off an insidious creature.
The Red Orchid
Deep in the murky swamps of the Everglades, an Indian tribe must attain a sacred plant before nightfall to stave off an insidious creature.
Raging Natives
Let's Build a Ramp
Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you are inclined to build a ramp.